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What's Holding You Back?

Updated: Mar 11

Promoting your small business isn't an event - so much as a process. To excel, you've got to deliver messaging, multi-channel, consistently. Success comes over time, honing your process as you understand more about your client, and the things they need to be successful.

But where do you start? What is a priority versus "nice to have"? Well, for many companies, this will be slightly different, but there are some standards that will apply to all.

Who are you? What problems do you solve? Why are you different? Additionally, who is your best customer? What do they look like? What causes them pain? What completes them? In short - you need to analyze yourself and your prospect - understanding the journey they'll take - and what makes them tick - before you start tactics in promotion.

Having a website that overviews your product or service and the value it brings, and how you're different - is essential. It has to be optimized in format and mobile friendly. If you're getting started, get your website live right away as a priority.

Chances are your prospective client is spending time on social media. They do so for their business, but decision makers are there personally too (facebook, linkedin, instagram, twitter, etc.). Creating and posting to a company page on these platforms, and interacting with it with your personal profile is critical.

Follow-up with prospects is essential - so how are you showing your clear differentiation and value? Talking to your prospect is great, but what formal "leave-behind materials" continue to convey that message and speak for you - when you're not there. Case Studies, reference graphs, infographics, etc. Make sure that you focus here.

Promoting your business with "paid" ads on google, media outlets or in social media can help you drive awareness and urgency - but it isn't the first place to start. Likewise, Marketing Automation can help you target and message to prospects, but it can also come after you've attended to the first three (3) items outlined in this post as a priority.

So now that you have three (3) areas to start promoting your business, don't let anything hold you back. Build your presence - a day at a time. Lock down these area, and then you can move on to more focused campaigns and lead generation/demand generation strategies in a fully-baked marketing plan. Check out our podcast on SPOTIFY for insights.

Need help? Give us a call and find out how easy closing marketing gaps can be.

LouMac Strategies llc

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