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Business Focus: Who are you?

Updated: Mar 11

Whether you're a small or midsize business, having a handle on who you are and what problems you solve is critical. Most organizations get that part of the equation correct almost every time.

What can be harder to determine - is knowing exactly how to describe that on your website, in collateral and on social media platforms. The reason is that we are a culture of cliff notes with a short attention span. We're constantly relegated to a character count or message length - and while people spend on average 153 minutes per day on social media - they do so at a "scrolling" not lingering pace.

How do you describe your value proposition and get your message across to those interested parties, when statistics show that on average, a website visitor will make a determination about your site and your company in less than 1 second? The answer is not an easy one - but there are methods to help you improve.

CLARITY on who you are, what you do, and what business problems you solve - is what you must do quickly on your website, in your collateral and in your messaging.

FORMAT is one of the most important aspects of website, social media and collateral messaging. Do you know what improves your chances to lessen bounce? There are ways to increase traction professionally.

VISUALS are important to create an environment where you message can take hold - or distract, and so understanding how you utilize images and text, colors and themes can help someone understand if they've landed in happy land or if it's time to move on.

KEYWORDS and descriptions help your prospect/reader know you're focused on something they're looking for, and in the case of your website or blogs, also helps search engines index your site and understand key topics and competencies; rate your site's importance and priority to the person searching natively.

PAID vs EARNED media methods can mix results in your favor, but there are limits to buying priority and popularity, versus creating it yourself. A comprehensive approach involves an understanding of all of the options - and knowing which ones are most appropriate for your business goals and expectations.

We help small and midsize businesses quickly and affordably get to the answers they need - and then we implement the fractional marketing and sales services to optimize outcome inside of their budget. Business Focus: Who are you? Check out our podcast on SPOTIFY for insights.

Need help improving? Be all you can be. Let's talk:

LouMac Strategies llc

Business Focus:  Who are you?

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