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Special Promotions

Get more from us as you focus on closing gaps in your marketing plan - or in outsourcing areas completely.

Missing Piece
Working Together


Close gaps in your marketing department by adding several of our fractional services.  Create significant savings by bundling - it's easy!  Save 25% from our published pricing when you select more than a single LouMac Strategies service area.


Change any of our packaged services to include just the things you need without the rest.  Of course we'll guide you so that you'll get a customized package that will deliver results! Lessening the deliverable work will create true savings!


If we've done work for you - whether as a one-time project, or as an ongoing monthly service - we appreciate you!  When you bring a new client to us, we'll allow some no charge additional services your next time back!  Get more - refer a client to LouMac!

Special Promotions: Resources and Tips

Be all you can be.  Our promotions can help.  Whether its just a small gap you need closed in your existing marketing approach, or an entire area outsourced, LouMac can meet and exceed your needs.  Get the details on LouMac.  Find out more!

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