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About Us

We are a Demand Generation Marketing and Sales Consultancy.  We have handled marketing strategy, planning, implementation and ongoing management duties for small and midsize product and service companies (Signal hire overview).  We've also set up sales process, created hunters and managed increases in customer renewals, cross-sell and up-sell.  Our focus is on measurable change - and the process and activities that drive it.  We can engage on a project to help - or outsource a function completely.  Not every company can hire and maintain a marketing staff - but those gaps needs to be filled, and that's where we come in.  LouMac can help you close marketing gaps and thrive.

As experienced marketing and sales process consultants, we can deliver on your special projects or outsource entire functional areas.  LouMac creates personalized partnerships with our clients - with a focus on their business growth - striving for significant outcomes (our Ohio Business Certification).  When you work with us, you should expect collaboration with transparency and consistency - and a focus on deliverables and metrics (see comments on Pandia) that help your team and grow your customer base and business revenues.  LouMac Strategies llc is focused on client value.  Need help with Website Refresh?  No problem.  How about ad management or tuning your marketing plan?  We got you.  We're expert in marketing automation and sales training too.    We've got years of experience.  Want more info?  Contact us for a consult.  We've also got plenty of podcast episodes on SPOTIFY (and sites like Deezer) that can provide guidance and insights you can use.

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