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Focus: Collateral as your Weapon

Updated: Mar 11

As your team works its revenue plan - a focus on existing customer projects and new name client work is underway.

Do they have the collateral/assets to provide "proofs" to clients and prospects at various phases of those sales cycles that allow them to succeed?

If the answer is NO - you should re-think your marketing spend quickly

Overviews, brochures, Data Sheets, Case Studies, Whitepapers, Infographics and other materials can be true assets to your sales team as their prospective client needs evidence (the "proof") that you're in the business and your solution is tangible, bullet-proof and effective.

As your prospect's "buyer journey" is underway, at various phases of their research and investigation, there are questions that they will have. If you spend time to understand your "ideal client" and "their journey"- you will know exactly what those questions are. Spend time in their shoes, and examine how they'll react at various phases.

Now - develop your collateral, assets and materials to professionally support the necessary proofs and answers that the buyer needs to see at that phase of their journey, and instruct your sales team on the value of using these pieces at just the right time to allow them to move into deeper phases in the cycle. Check out our podcast on SPOTIFY for insights and info.

Can your collateral be your weapon? Yes it can be. Will it? Only you can answer that correctly for your business.

Need help matching the right assets to a winning playbook? We can help.

LouMac Strategies llc


collateral can be a weapon

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