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Your Plan vs Reality. Hmm.

Updated: Mar 11

Sometimes things just don't go as planned, but that's not a big deal, unless you don't have options to pivot or lose your commitment. Identifying your business strategy - and the plan to achieve - is no different. Let's look closer at a few of the things you need to address. Planning and change is important.


Your business won't be able to be all things to all people - and you need to focus. Who is your target? What does your ideal customer look like? Describe/define this day 1. Now - where do they live (market, geography, etc.), what do they care about, what pains and issues do they have? How important are eliminating those pains? What is a clear value proposition that you could convey to generate interest - and how will you deliver it? How are you different - and why are you their best option? These are just a few of the things you need to understand and master.

- Possible Pivot: Continually map your mindset and direction. If you find

yourself straying from your target - stop and refresh. Get back to basics.

Do a SWOT analysis - and refocus your team.


No matter how you slice it, you need to have a direct selling team and process enabled in your business. Maybe its you - or maybe you've hired a team, but there is no way around the type of direct relationship you need to have - one-to-one with your prospects and clients. Take your time in the hires, look for ingrained habits and tendencies that show up in response to your questions - and once on-board - set realistic goals. This is something you need to do right, and not repeat - training and the road to ramp-up is lengthy, so get people you can count on and who have what it takes.

- Possible Pivot: What about commission-only plans with a contract

manufacturer rep or sales rep company if you can't afford base pay?


Your sales team can't be everywhere on every day, and yet your message needs to be in front of prospective clients and existing clients. This area of your business need not be a department - if you can't afford it - but it needs to be handled by someone. Presence on social media, time invested in your website, collateral and materials to properly present your company and its value proposition - are essential. Even marketing automation and databases tools are affordable - if you know how to approach it.

- Possible Pivot: Fractional services from a marketing agency can be an

affordable way to handle - so long as you and they deliver in a manner that

allows for you to bring it in-house seamlessly later as you grow.


Once you've begun executing your plan - have patience. Success won't happen overnight, but it won't happen on its own either. You need to invest in new ways to extend the reach of your company every week. What have you done this week to "move the rock"? Being flexible to pivot, while reinforcing your approach - can make all the difference. Most experience trouble because they can't maintain the consistent habits and focus to do the right things - and stick with it. Your small business has advantages - and you need to leverage them.


Success is not a straight line and your small business must navigate change - while being consistent. The path won't be exactly as you planned, but that's OK. Get one step in the right direction each day - and be prepared to refocus or pivot. Check out our podcast on SPOTIFY for insights.

Need help driving your message? Our affordable fractional services can help.

LouMac Strategies llc

planning and change is important

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