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You need a marketing strategy - and a plan

Updated: Mar 11

Your business is a part of who you are, and your goal is catering to it's health and successful growth. Planning is a necessary aspect of delivering on that success - and a business marketing strategy and written plan will ensure that you stay on task, track progress and meet objectives.

With respect to a marketing plan - you should first focus on some basics:

- understanding your company and its strengths and weaknesses

- understanding your competitors and their strengths and weaknesses

- knowing your target customer, their profile, their competitors and their market

- knowing the issues, challenges, mission and pain your target customer faces

- knowing your products and services and the problems they solve

- you must hone your message to be able to succinctly deliver to a value proposition

With those actions and others under your belt, its now time to maximize CHANNELS to be able to deliver a message and implement your strategy and plan:

EARNED MEDIA - analyst coverage, re-posts, likes, shares, references, etc.

PAID MEDIA - Ads, PR releases, keyword buys, promotions, databases, tools, etc.

OWNED MEDIA - website, e-newsletters, social media sites, blogs, collateral, etc. You need a marketing strategy - and a plan.

Do you need help in planning an effort, a full campaign, or executing into your channels? Check out our podcast on SPOTIFY for insights. We've got the skills and experience to handle this - whether you have dedicated staff in marketing and sales or not. It's time to make your mark and claim your space. Your potential customer is listening. Set a consult for more.

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You need a marketing strategy - and a plan

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