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Where should you be?

Updated: Mar 11

Where should you be

Your business needs to be seen in the places where your client lives, right? Sure - that's the easy part - we all know that. But exactly where are businesses spending their time and money marketing to prospects and making strides?

To help, here are some data points from a recent 2022 Gartner Group post:


Email 16%

SEO 7%

Paid Social 7%

Digital Display 7%

Web 6%

Events 6%

Partner 6%

Online Events 6%

Pay Per Click 5%

The study data shows that what has been a standard - email (marketing automation) and social media (they state 3 specifically facebook, linkedin, twitter) continue to drive results as well as time and attention for those seeking to grow.

In 2019 and 2020, "pay-per-click" was at 13% in their study, and was the only marked change over the last few years in channels to leverage for results.

So what do these data points tell us? Organizations are receiving their best performance on social media and email marketing campaigns. You need to consider these channels in your marketing strategy to stay visible and viable to your prospect and your existing customers. What's holding you back? Check out our podcast on SPOTIFY for insights.

Need help in marketing automation or social media management? Let's talk.

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