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What can a sales playbook do for your team?

Updated: Mar 11

Do you have proper collateral, data-doc, brochures, case studies, whitepapers, frequently asked RFI/RFP sections and presentations available to your team 7x24? Are they tied to activities and stages in your sales funnel that are on the path to new business closure?

Its surprising how some companies decide to "wing it" - and rely on the skills and experience of the business developer alone, when you can map the practices, tools, materials and activity of your most successful sales person as a guide to all.

What does it take to achieve? Well, at first, a realization that what you're doing now is not optimized - and a desire to improve. Next - its organization and leg work to create proper libraries and folders in the cloud, with the most current versions of approved assets that you know are best in class - with a guide on how and when to best use them.

Lags in business development can have several causes, and yet sales support, proper assets and training - are your part of the investment. Be all you can be. Help others to that plateau too. What can a sales playbook do for your team? Check out our podcast on SPOTIFY for insights and info.

Need help in sales enablement, demand generation and/or sales and marketing processes to improve your outlook and results? That's our thing. Let's talk.

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What can a sales playbook do for your team?

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