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What are fractional services?

Updated: Mar 11

When your business needs expert help in a marketing or sales service area, our fractional services might fit the bill perfectly.

Think of fractional services as the mortar to your brick, or the fertilizer for your lawn. We can deliver a fraction of what is needed for you to be successful, at a fraction of the cost too!

In cases where you don't have the marketing or sales experience in-house among your team, we can deliver it entirely, but at a fraction of the costs of W2 FTE hires on your part!

Are you putting off upskilling your business opportunity in an area, waiting for the time when you believe you can afford staff? With our fractional service delivery - you can start now. Describe the scope, and we'll quote you the necessary deliverables, either as a one-time project, or as appropriate, as an ongoing monthly service! What are fractional services? Check out our podcast on SPOTIFY for insights.


Are fractional marketing and sales services right for you? Let's talk.

LouMac Strategies llc

What are fractional services?

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