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Website Refresh/SEO: It's Your Business Front Door

Updated: Mar 11

Website Refresh/SEO

Your business website is the front door to your business, and you want it to be attractive and welcoming to those visitors who can use your services. Leaving your website in a poor state for the user to measure the values of your business - is not an option. You need to take charge and act.


Your site will need to mimic your business values and the philosophy you've set for how it operates and delivers for clients. You may need to work with an expert to help you get that impact, but you won't want it highly coded, so ask that a common website builder tool be utilized to complete the work. Even with limitations, it will be easier for you to maintain and adapt as needed thereafter.


Make your site a strong visual experience as you describe what you do, and why you're company is best to help. Make it easy to follow, with key words and value propositions tied to the visuals and flow of the home page and navigation menu pages. Make it easy to use and search for what a prospective client would need to see - for the proof that your company can help above other options they have.


Visitors to websites, whether coming from an ad, from social media, or from a search engine - won't stay long if its too complex for them to see if you are a viable option to meet their needs. A specialist understands the format and flow you will need in a home page that scrolls through what you'll need to make a quick impact and control attention.


Drive your value proposition with key content and visuals that show why you're solution is of value, the problems and issues you solve, and how it's different. Have information lead to other levels/pages where detail exists and always try to focus a visitor on inquiry/contact - so you can engage one on one. For many products and services, a prospect won't buy from the website - but can when engaging.


The format, visuals and words you use on your website can be optimized to be index-able for search engines. Don't leave your website as a place where few visit because few know you can help them. Also, develop a social media plan around your website refresh to ensure you do everything you can to drive visitor traffic.


Once your site is complete, you're just getting started. Having regular change on your website, to announce new products or services, or new proofs of your value - is essential. If you've followed some of our comments in CAPABILITIES above, then you'll be positioned to support site changes yourself. Hiring a support organization to make changes and help improve traction, is also an inexpensive way to best use your and your staff's time, until its cost effective to bring in-house. Check our our podcast on SPOTIFY for insights.

We can help. Reach out to set a consult today:

LouMac Strategies llc


Be all you can be.

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