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There is no magic lead system

Updated: Mar 11

It's hard to go through a day on social media where you don't see an ad for a lead management system that provides qualified appointments that turn into immediate revenue. There's a lot of glitz and bright colors, and you can go see a thin website with discussions of a magic system, with loads of 5 star review and reference videos of business owners who use the system and made it big!


There is no magic lead system. You knew it when you went to their website, when you saw that they don't have a social following, when they direct messaged (DM'd) you on linkedin or facebook, and their pitch was lame and single threaded. In short, they're praying on your fears and weakness to want a magic system to eliminate the work that's necessary to build relationships, gain followers, build a community, and deliver value. You knew it all along - there is no magic lead system.


What you do find is that you'll spend money and time proving that there is no substitute for doing the work you need to - so that your business can take that next step.

Understand your prospective buyer and the journey they take to purchase. Understand your business and it's strengths, weaknesses and value.

  • What are they (the prospect) trying to accomplish? Who do they compete with? What are their strengths and weaknesses? What pain do they suffer and what is the outcome and result they experience if they don;t solve the challenge?

  • Where do you find them/where do they congregate? Who are they (name, role, contact#)? How would you contact them? How do they most like to be reached? What role do they have in their company? How do they decide to purchase and what is their budget and with what expectations?

  • What do you provide? How does it solve a problem? Why is it different than other options the prospect has? What are some "value propositions" and statements that succinctly convey this message? What "proofs" (collateral, references, demonstrations, social proof, etc.) do you need to show them at various phases of interaction when you're engaged?

You need to also be thinking about...

Your strategy for outreach/attack?

- channels you will use, ways to connect?

Your message and follow-up?

- how and where will you deliver it?

Your benefits and value?

Your outcomes and results for like-clients?

The long and short if it - you need to do the work to understand your prospective client, their journey, your value, and how and where to reach them. From there, you'll have the hard work in implementing a plan - and doing the work to make friends, build trust and relationships - on your way to selling and growth.

You can't outsource relationship building - you need to invested in this process, and that's where the magic lead system fails. Sure, there are parts of process that you can outsource for assistance with trained professionals, but you must own the process that drives the top of your funnel, just like you want to own the bottom funnel processes - where your engagement drives results. Check out our podcast on SPOTIFY for insights.

Need help understanding more? How about support on some of the sales and marketing services to help your business progress? Drop us a line.

LouMac Strategies llc

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