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The Importance of Setting a Cadence

Updated: Mar 11

Setting a cadence for your day

Do you have a special plan that you follow to drive results for your business each day, week, month, and quarter? Do you measure how you're doing and then tune your steps and actions? It's critical.

Setting and then following a CADENCE can help you get the right activities underway that support your plan and get you closer to achieving objectives.


Before you attack outreach - lock down your messaging. What do you do - what makes you different - and what problems do you solve? What is the best way to narrate and visualize the solution or service you offer - and show how it will be valuable to those you target? How will you reach them? Once you're set - now its time to test your metal - and get committed to a process you develop and implement.


People often think of business development, marketing and sales as the careers chosen by focused extroverts who are self-driven. While some are, many are not. There are creative ways to make your approach and behaviors bring the urgency and focus you need - even without traditional personality types inborn. Make your plan, set actions each day, then follow them consistently - day-in, day-out. Every Sunday night - plan for your week, every Monday - start the day with social media contact research and "invites" to targets, every Tuesday - build and execute a marketing automation outreach with a message that resonates, every Wednesday - chose buyer targets and hit the phones and make friends, every Thursday - send a note to clients with a valuable insight and a new reason to stay engaged, and so on - you get it.


Once your CADENCE is set, continue it - every day/week/month, and make it your religion. Designate time slots for detailed actions. Consistency is the key, along with tuning things that add more value to your activities - and keep you foremost in the minds of clients and prospects. Most often, people that need the services you provide, are not in need now. They'll be "in need" later - will you be messaging to them then? That's where your commitment becomes important.


Your approach can be tuned over time, as you measure how your activities are creating engagement. Keep your messaging focused and appropriate. Edit your content and even try new days/times for outreach to determine effectiveness. Once you find a tuned CADENCE, again, follow it religiously, and consistently, as you create your brand in the minds of those you reach. Continually look for tools, techniques and approaches to add to your approach, and continue learning about the key challenges your clients/prospects face in the industry. Check out our podcast on SPOTIFY for insights.

LouMac helps clients set plans in motion each and every day. It's essential to keep your business moving forward. Need help? Reach out and set a consult. Be all you can be.

LouMac Strategies llc

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