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Target Your Audience

Updated: Mar 11

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Lately it seems like businesses have given up on targeting their prospect - and simply push all content to everyone. Ouch. When you do this - there is a tendency to take what could be a great readership - and drive them to shut your message down.

How can you avoid drowning out your own message? It's back to the basics:


Define your target client and build a stable of data on them. This is the most basic of rules in segmenting a group you'll deliver your message to. What pain and challenges does this group experience? What are methods or solutions that can help them eliminate the issue? How does what you offer help them? Determine a value proposition statement that maps to the challenge and is clear and concise.


Determine the best method to approach these prospects, whether by email, telephone, social media connection or in-person introduction. What is the best way to engage? How can you get the headspace to start building rapport? The best method could be different for different groups in your target base, so don't be lazy and simply reply on a single approach.


Once you're in place, deliver your value message and be cognizant of feedback and changes that map more closely to your prospect. Listen to them. Help them see options and how you're a part of a support system they can count on for advice and guidance. Not everyone is an expert in all areas, and lending a hand will help build your relationship and establish trust. Sometimes, you halt a campaign - because of interest, need or urgency - and save it for later - when appropriate.


Taking correct action is only a part of your approach. You need to measure and ensure that you're on top of the outcomes you receive. Are you getting traction? Is your method amiss, or have you not focused in on a need/pain point that is current? Is your value statement on target? Measuring where you are - and knowing what levers to pull is critical to your growth and relationships.


Now it's time to take what you've done and what you've measured, and tune things and measure once again. Making small adjustments to areas in your approach - and then measuring them for improvements, is a critical step to addressing your targeting success. Once tuned, move through each step again, and repeat. Success will never come on your first approach - but as you tune, you'll see the results you desire, and the work will be valuable in understanding your prospect, your business, and the approaches that help drive results. Check out our podcast on SPOTIFY for insights.

Need help targeting? That's our thing. Set a consult:

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