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Taming Marketing Automation

Updated: Mar 11

There are many tools that can bring you into the digital marketing age, and while many will argue as to the benefit and value of one over another, there are more important factors to consider.

Are you prepared to do the work necessary to maximize your tool investment? Yes - you. The tools provide a basis of capability, whether in process, contacts, eBlasts and drip campaigns (I call them "car wash") for automated follow-up and focus - but configuring them to optimize and integrate to other tools you use is key. While not easy - its essential to tune your environment to get the most out of your investment.

Like in every area of marketing and outreach, your content is king. You need to engage a prospect and draw them into the story - swiftly - to make a difference and get the statistics of your campaigns to work for your business. Are you integrated to your CRM? Do your outreach pieces carry the value proposition that will resonate to your target best client profile? Does your automated follow up and process to warm up potential opportunity meet the rigors of your audience?

Between content and proper use, configuration and integration - there are a lot of areas to tune to maximize your potential inbound opportunity when it comes to marketing automation. Are you prepared to do the work necessary to succeed? We see a lot of companies squander their investment - because improperly configured - the tool magic can sit idle and your message and outreach can be ignored. Taming marketing automation is key. Make the choice - be all you can be. We can help. Check out our podcast on SPOTIFY for insights.

Need more information on the steps and methods to improve? Let's talk.

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Taming maketing automation

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