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Social Media Management

Updated: Mar 11

Leveraging the power of social media platforms can be an asset in your owned media channel strategy. You control the site, the message and it becomes increasingly more powerful when you grow your followers - and create posts that have meaning to them.

For business profiles, did you know that LinkedIn (owned by Microsoft) has over 250 million users? What's more, for more personal use platforms; Twitter has over 330 million, Instagram (owned by Facebook) has 1 billion, and Facebook (most users of any platform via 2020 stats) has over 2.8 billion. Yikes, these are platforms with user counts that boggle the mind, and we're not even getting to other leaders like YouTube, WhatsApp, and TikTok.

Understanding what platforms make sense to join, their "feed" and "impression" metrics, and creating a company page and posting - can be key for your business. Here are some initial ideas for you to consider:

Where is your target client and existing customer profiled/resident? Do you know each platform general information - social, geographical, user profile, company population and age group makeup?

Step back for a moment - and visit your target's website, view the platforms they have company pages on, consider creating your company page on those platforms, "like", "share" and "follow" those target company pages. You can now use other business platforms (LinkedIn as example) to understand their key decision maker profiles and contacts (search, "People" at "Company" filter), and start to build your target list. Now - posting from your company page - deliver a message, a value proposition, and image - that will resonate. Vary posts between "thought leadership" and "call to action" - and drive further with outbound phone calls, emails, and consistent posting. If you want to engage with targets, you need to join their social circle and care about issues, causes, problems and solutions they do.

Let's go further - using your posts on social media to create interest, boost followers, and using proper hashtags and links back to your company website, all help in all around website optimization too. It's a cycle that feeds itself - but it takes effort and a lot of thoughtful content and imagery. That's where most small and midsize business get stuck. That's where opportunity for creating consistent inbound is often lost. You've heard the saying that "you have to put in the work" - and social media and website optimization for lead generation - involve tools and techniques, but also the commitment to consistent volume and potent messaging.

Social Media Management is time consuming - but beneficial to your small or midsize business. It creates the air support you need to continually generate demand and inquiry - in addition to your outside/inside sales efforts. Large companies hire full time staffs to manage these key areas of sales support, communication, public relations and reputation imagery. Check out our podcast on SPOTIFY for insights and info.

Need help with social media? We have a range of fractional service packages that help the single person LLC or small business to midsize business thrive (inside budget). Let's talk - so you can be all you can be:

LouMac Strategies llc

Social Media Management

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