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Social Media as a Service

Updated: Mar 11

If using existing staff time to participate in social media is taking a back seat in your budget - maybe its time to rethink your approach. There are inexpensive outsourcing options in social media management that can help you.

Business decision makers and influencers at your target customer are on social media an average of 3 hours per day per recent studies. If that's where they are - then that's where you need to be. You need your message heard.

Before you outsource, make sure that the firm you consider can provide you answers that you feel will resonate with your management team (and your potential clients) in the following areas:


Is their strategy to solve your social media issue, but keep you dependent on their services? If so - maybe you need a more flexible option. At one point, you'll want to bring this in-house and have your staff perform the role.


Have questions at the ready that you ask - to determine that you're starting off with a firm who has basic understandings of your business model and your peers. This will help them in their messaging on your behalf.


How readily can the firm provide you with realistic value propositions and themes that you know will resonate with prospects? You see, if it were up to you to school them - then you'd be doing the messaging and management yourself. They've got to have the ability to take limited responses from you - and drive the car for you somewhat unattended for the value to translate. Social Media as a Service.


Is there an understanding of your value, issues and pain customers face, and the problems that your company solves? If they hit the mark here, chances are that they'll have no trouble communicating that in the images, narrative and hashtags they deploy for you.


Pay attention to the amount of activity that their standard package offers. You really need to focus on 3+ social platforms and 3+ content posts per platform per day. Posting just once a week or once a month about your blog - regardless of how great the post is, just isn't enough volume to create the inertia and activity toward inbound that you need. Check out our podcast on SPOTIFY for insights.

Are you ready to rock? Need help managing your message and its deployment? Our fractional services, like our social media management package, just might be the right fit for you.

LouMac Strategies llc

Social Media as a Service

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