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Sales & Marketing Integration - Back to Basics

Updated: Mar 11

Integrate you sales and marketing functions

You are a selling machine! No one makes it easier to buy than you! The problem - is that once you're beyond your physical reach - getting new clients becomes much more difficult. Your business delivers a valuable product/service to clients, but even when your offering is renewed or upgraded at a client - you still need new clients to join in.

New clients joining - is a tenant to your long term growth and success! You're an expert at describing what you can do - and the value and results - but you're going to have to jump a large hurdle to truly progress.


While you can close sales when someone has interest and you're able to promote your value to them directly one-on-one, understanding how to afford a complete approach to marketing to strangers and "targeting an audience" who has yet to know about you - is often difficult for many businesses.


You need to be able to describe your "client" (who are they, what do they do, where they live, what pain do they have) map your market (research), identify targets specifically (by contact name and company), determine the message you need to convey - and the best way to reach them. These activities then allow you to drive marketing campaigns to integrate to your selling processes/team. The campaigns can generate leads - and then you're back to solving client problems and them buying solutions/services from you. Selling can't happen until you've been able to market to the target audience and draw them to want more. Too few come directly and via referral - so you need to drive them toward you!


In a perfect world, your research to know more about targets builds an audience that is best suited to be your client and needs your offering. You then determine the proper message to attract them based on their pain, needs or mission, and you then need to determine the "channel" you'll use to message to them (social media, ads, email automation, telephone cold calling, TV/radio, print, direct sales force, event attendance /sponsorship, channel partners, etc.). Sales & Marketing Integration for value, that's your goal.

During the process - your interactions and connections can begin to build a professional relationship with targets - hopefully putting you in position to work your magic (selling) that has always been your strong suit. Integrating marketing activities and tools into your sales process can help develop the inquiries you need at the top of your sales funnel long term - and it's repeatable. Ignoring marketing activities, can place you in a bind of needed to generate too much revenue from existing relationships - and vulnerable if clients depart or change strategies and lessen scope or disconnect from your firm.

We have significant selling experience on our team, and marketing and planning expertise that can help you set a course and deliver results. We can tell you what works, and what doesn't for top-of-the-funnel lead generation, and help you close the gaps and "integrate" your selling - with a comprehensive marketing approach. Check out our podcast on SPOTIFY for insights.

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