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Sales Enablement - Are You Invested?

Updated: Mar 11

Investing in your business is key to its success. So you've hired and trained your sales team and with their experience - you should be golden, right? Not so fast.

Sales Support is a key factor in Sales Enablement - and you can use a combination of strategies to ensure you have everything covered. Here are a few areas to check that can keep you on track.


Do your sales team members have access to the proper assets for use at various stages of your sales cycle with prospects? At several points, proper follow up, documents, reference and case study information and overviews - can help deliver "proofs" to those interested parties and keep the momentum going. Professional materials - and standards - help your team win.


Are you delivering messages on social media, through your website and other means to promote your company values, and the problems you solve to prospects for the mission? Solving problems is what you do - but how do people know about it? Investing in social media management, website refresh, SEO, eBlast and newsletters - can keep your message in front of people in a nonthreatening way - and help your reputation and viability. Sales enablement helps growth.


How familiar is your team with the skills and strategies to target, qualify and hunt new business and develop relationships? Very few people are natural "hunters" and yet there are tactics and actions that can help people improve their skill sets for hunting. There is a limit to the time a business development resource has - so it is best to maximize it with assuring proper skills/training are available.


Investment in the right tools and technologies is key, but doesn't have to break the bank. For the fledgling small business - you can play like the big guys, but on an affordable budget all the while. Start getting the inbound inquiry and revenue you're due - with the right tools and processes. We can help. Check out our podcast on SPOTIFY for insights.

Need help staging your Sales Enablement approach and delivery? Our fractional services can get you there until you have the in-house time and skills to manage tasks. Find out more - let's talk:

LouMac Strategies llc

Sales enablement helps growth

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