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Registering and Marketing to Government

Updated: Mar 11

Does your business product or service lend itself to use in the government space? If so - you should consider registering for the programs that exist in your local city, county, state - or at the federal level.

While it's usually rigorous to register and maintain a relationship with Government entities, it can be valuable - because once in place - you'll have a platform to target the needs agency's have with your solution - to help them solve problems for the public. Once registered and in place, you can see bids/RFI-RFPs and participate for award in these agency inquiries.

You can register on websites for local government and follow their processes, listing your NAICS codes for service - but they'll usually have a maximum threshold they can spend with any single source in a year that is not "sole source" via a competitive bid or contract vehicle they're entitled to use. As an example, many city/county/education/state agency users can utilize State Term Schedules (or state level contracts) with vendors who are registered and qualified via their processes. In many cases, State Schedules or Contracts can be based on, or a function of, a Federal GSA Contract (GSA Advantage, GSA Schedule 70) which similarly qualifies and approves terms, not-to-exceed-pricing and other basics in "catalogs" from vendors who do business with the Federal Government.

Knowing that you're a player - can be as simple as registering with the Federal Government by getting a SAM (System for Award Management) registration completed and in place. This SAM record can then be searched by local/state and federal agencies as they look to identify whether you're approved and what types of services you provide. The process of registering in SAM, and/or getting a State level or Federal GSA Schedule in place can be daunting though - so be prepared.

You may also qualify as a small business, a minority or disadvantaged business, or operate in zones that allow for favorable treatment. In some cases, the government has set-aside opportunity that can only be competed among the small or minority business in these categories.

There are dozens of consultancies that charge large fees for completing various registrations and process as your agent - and these fees can easily be in the thousands of dollars. Registering and Marketing to Government is key. Check out our podcast on SPOTIFY for insights.

Fortunately for you - your know LouMac Strategies llc - who provides fractional services like these - to get you into the mix - at a fraction of the cost of those other firms. Be all you can be.

LouMac Strategies llc

Registering and Marketing to Government

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