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If a tree falls in the forest...

Updated: Mar 11

We've all heard the age old question raised about whether a tree that falls in solitude of a forest without someone around - makes a sound.

Whether from a philosophical standpoint, or from physical science, most people's analysis contends that the answer is "No", it does not make a sound. The reason is often stated that "sound" is a perception - something that we do. The experience is more about the person doing the "hearing" - not something the tree does to be heard. Absent the person to hear it falling - there is no sound heard.

OK, maybe that makes sense - and maybe this is really about being "heard". So let's assume there is someone around to hear. Not a lot of people mind you, just a small "group".

Surely - a larger tree falling could make a larger sound, or maybe a tree with a large canopy or a tree in a more dense forest - will make more sounds - or make sounds for a longer period of time. Maybe for the "group" though, its not just about a tree falling - but what other characteristics are in play - that create a higher probability of the falling tree being heard.

Chances are your business is targeting a select group. How well does your marketing strategy and plan map to that goal? Your website, your social media, your collateral/assets, your outreach, and your marketing team, sales support and business development teams - are they in unison and optimized? If a tree falls in the forest - are you heard? Check out our podcast on SPOTIFY for insights.

Need help being heard (knowing what to say, when, where and how to say it)?

That's something we can help with. Let's talk.

LouMac Strategies llc

If a tree falls in the forest

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