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Updated: Mar 11

Experience over spam

You might be like me and pretty tired of the "canned and scripted" messages you received on linkedin and other sites. It's amazing how some people think that immediately after connection is a great time to launch into a sales campaign for their service or capabilities. Yikes!


It's hard to argue with the effort of using a scripted approach to making contact and starting a conversation, but there are some techniques you can use to increase your opportunity.

- Study your target, their role, their industry and their business

- Change your content based on your specific target

- Share value that could compel interest and a response

People engage when it is valuable for them to do so. Do your homework and find ways to connect, just as if you were meeting in person. Think like your target, and what could be helpful to them.


Only after consistent messaging, understanding and with good reason, will you be in a position to form a relationship. Don't rush it - and jump steps - that you might normally consider yourself before engaging with someone on social. They have that same need for value or reasoning - that you have and apply when engaging. Being able to offer advice, solve a problem, provide content that is helpful, or in providing a new approach - can be a way that a stranger begins to trust that connecting can be mutually beneficial.


Be there for your connections. Participate in discussions, commenting on content, sharing content, and acting in support of them. Provide responses when they have questions - even if only to describe "no" to a solicitation from time to time. When you have engaged on topics together in content, see what new things you can learn and what things you can share that will be of value to them.


Use your profile and posts to educate and inform, create awareness and a sphere of competencies where you are viewed as a thought participant and in some cases - thought leader. You don't need to 'attack" connections with a service or product you represent and think they need right away. Do your homework to find a pain point - or a value that can help them - and then reach out - describing how it can help. Check out our podcast on SPOTIFY for insights.

Need help navigating? Your marketing plan and consistent steps you take and tools you use to get to your goal - are key to your success. Contact us for insights or assistance.

LouMac Strategies llc


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