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Can my marketing team be weaponized?

Updated: Mar 11

A company with an existing marketing team may be handling all of the communication and public relational elements, social media posting, brand management, collateral and other standards. That's great - you're on the right track! Can my marketing team be weaponized?

Increasingly - these activities only scratch the surface of what is needed for a company to be successful in generating new business and retaining/growing existing client relationships and revenue.

Can my marketing team be weaponized - and drive regular leads/inquiries for direct sales follow-up? Yes, they can be. The issue for many companies is that this weapon hasn't been enabled. By instituting knowledge of your target customer, the value proposition, proper story telling and imaging, understanding of pain points, you'd be surprised at the outcome. Couple this with an understanding of which messages will resonate - and more sales focus into the marketing team - along with tools, techniques and technologies - the change can be dramatic.

What's holding your team back from meeting its best self? Need help analyzing your situation? Injecting the right stuff into your existing equation? Check out our podcast on SPOTIFY for insights.

We're not just an outsourced solution, we can easily become your in-sourced solution too.

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