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Be practiced, be clear, be consistent

Updated: Mar 11

When asked about messaging concepts and plans for websites, social media and collateral/assets, I am usually drawn to a personal story in my teens. Tennis looked like fun - and I took a 30 minute lesson with a local club pro after borrowing a racket from a friend.

That first lesson was the last lesson that I ever had - but it was just what I needed.

You see, the information about form, technique and what it would take to become better was conveyed, and from there, it was something I could control and make habit. Forehand - take a ball to the club backboard, and hit it the right height, speed and angle - until the ball broke (fur comes off, seam breaks, air releases). Backhand - repeat. Serve/overhead - same backboard - same approach - same ending.

3 new tennis balls - broken when backboard session completed (usually 5-6 hours in total) every day, all summer. My summer mowing job cash went to Wilson and Penn at the local Gold Circle. High school was a year away. Travel tournaments, and early losses, put skills in a competitive, rather than only a repetitive position.

I made the varsity high school tennis team as a freshman, played #1 singles all 4 years, played Division 1 under a scholarship in college - and played and taught professionally for a period thereafter.

Certainly I learned from many along the journey; strategy, tactics, and more - especially teammates and competitors. I considered myself a student, even in advanced stages of my competitive playing and teaching career - and took those concepts and drive into business - sales and marketing roles - for 40 years.

Here is what I learned: You can do what you are trying to accomplish - yourself. You'll need some fractional support and guidance - to ensure your strategy, form, technique and other things necessary to become successful.

As a company, who are you? As a sales team, who are you? Get your guidance and plan - then - do work. Expert assistance isn't a permanent crutch to business outcome. You are that piece. Check out our podcast on SPOTIFY for insights.

Be practiced, be clear, be consistent.

Need help with your messaging and impact? Stay the course - Let's talk:

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Be practiced, be clear, be consistent

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