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Back to Basics - Focus in the Now

Updated: Mar 11

Get back to basics

How do you start your day? Is it thinking about the future of your small business, or mulling about the decisions made in the recent past? It's time to focus. Get back to basics.

You certainly need a plan, but once you have one, you need to focus on NOW. Success isn't guaranteed and setting up your daily routine can help you stay the course. Here are a few concepts to help you manage the moment:


Setting and obtaining goals won't happen unless you create windows where you can drive forward. Create some time to set your game plan for the day - and measure how you're doing. Make consistency and measurement a habit - and then tune your focus toward what best helps you complete activities and achieve the results you need. Once you're locked in - repeat.

- divide your day, and each week, into segments that focus on repeated

deliverables. Build a segment plan that works for your small business and

refine it as needed.


There will be issues and activities that draw you away from your plan for the day - and handling them isn't something you can always push aside or neglect. Being up early will help you get a head start on your planned work prior to when the wave of unplanned issues comes up - taking over your available time.

- customer issues will always be job 1, and these will come up every day. To

stay ahead, plan essential activities, like business development/social media

work before the day starts - because visibility is always needed.


Everything doesn't have the same priority - and your day should include time slices for items that are the most critical to your or your client's success. To stay in the "now" - you'll have to focus, because every day has the potential to get hectic. Ensure that you get to the top activities first, and take a breath and cross off items from your list once completed.

- set aside a few minutes to rate items from 1-5, from your perspective and

also from the perspective of the party on the other end of the activity (client,

partner, etc.). Always develop priorities with a 360 view of business and

personal impacts.


End each day with a planning exercise. Create a small list of activities planned for the following day - with a priority level that will ensure you complete important tasks - and leave this visible for a proper start the next day.

- make a hand written list - and you can add to it as the day progresses and

priorities change. Stay in the moment when on tasks, and review your

preparation list at the end of day - ensuring it is complete.


Your small business must be visible to prospective and existing clients. What have you done today to ensure you meet that objective? Ensure that your task lists and priorities achieve more than just "behind the scenes" work - because your message to your target customer must still be an activity you engage in every day.

- get the content developed for those social posts, that meeting or that

whitepaper for delivery. Staying engaged with target clients and your

existing customers is essential. You need to have your small business

message heard.

Need to get back on track and focus? Need help with your message and its delivery? What's holding you back? Check out our podcast on SPOTIFY for insights. Our fractional services might just do the trick for your small business. Be all you can be. Contact us for more.

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