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Are You Ready For 2022?

Updated: Mar 11

get your marketing ready

It's that time of year again - where many suggest you set goals and resolutions and become the new you in the New Year! ... or not.

Increasingly, small businesses are looking across the past 12 months and making small changes that tune their focus and plant the seeds for a robust harvest. Below are some thoughts based on what our clients have stated.


Rather than overhaul areas of their approach, or adopting new plans, small businesses are looking at small changes that can make big differences in exposure and prospect communication. They're also looking at ways to curtail large expenditures, while still maximizing their visibility. Overhauls take time and money, while small changes make you better - and consistent, so long as your on solid ground to begin with.


The pandemic - and more specifically the cyclical change that spikes and new variants have brought - have created a difficult market for many small businesses. New regulations, a weary public, supply chain mania and lessened in-person visits with prospects, customers, partners and suppliers have led to change. More small businesses are planning to leverage their website, social media and marketing automation than ever before.


Just because the changes might be small, tuning a few things rather than overhaul doesn't mean that a plan is not in place. Small businesses will implement a structured approach to marketing products and services in the new year. Setting an objective, driving a plan, setting tasks in motion, monitoring progress and tuning along the way - will deliver results.


Keeping everything in perspective in the coming year is a common thread among small businesses we work with. They intend to make conservative investment in success, and pay close attention to costs and customer satisfaction - while monitoring their employees well being. 2021 was a stressful year for people around the globe - and making strides each day and staying positive and consistent - is they key to driving into 2022 eyes wide open and ready to succeed! Check out our podcast on SPOTIFY.

Need help in 2022? Our affordable fractional services can be your differentiation. Reach out for a consult and for more information. Need that extra visibility and messaging - while making budget? That's our thing. Let's talk.

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