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Are You Hitting On All Cylinders?

Updated: Mar 11

Cylinders in a sales engine

Getting your business development strategy moving is a key element to your success. Having a marketing strategy and honing a plan is a prerequisite. Here are a few things to think about - so you can be all you can be. You need to be Hitting on all marketing cylinders.


It doesn't just happen - even for those who seem to have it all. Starting and growing a business requires a lot of thought and preparation. Do you have all of the variables locked down to succeed long term, but make it short term too?


People know they need a plan to succeed, but many don't understand what that plan will cost and the sacrifices and trade-offs that will come along with it. Have you mapped out the plan and the direct and indirect costs at various phases?


You'll always reply on yourself as a business owner, but there are few paths that one can take where a lone warrior tows all lines. What resources and people, whether staff, friends or outsourced services are key to your success? Have you assembled the team to win?


"Even the best laid plans of mice and men..." - you know the rest. Or do you? What will you do to ensure you execute, even when the playing field changes. You need to know that every plan made, will need adjustment, and execution is key. Execution often means direction shift - and some work done, must be completed again and differently. Are your resources flexible? Are you?


When change comes, you need to leverage it for your gain. To do this, you must measure everything, and then adjust and tune. After all, making a change is difficult, but knowing when and what needs to change is even more difficult. Tuning is a continual process - when implemented correctly.


Hey - you need to celebrate even the small wins and gains. Sure, they may not be the end result you shot at - but that will come if you stay consistent and keep going. Without the celebration here and there, you won't be in the moment, you'll just be looking for the next moment. It will also book-end points in your journey that help you know chapters in your business story.


The hard part? Whether next year or next quarter, depending on where you are, and where you want to be - you need to be ready to start the process all over again from scratch. Revel in new goals, new preparation, planning, resources, execution, tuning and celebrations. After all, you're almost there. Where's there? It's when you're continuing to take that next step forward for your business - because then - you're hitting on all cylinders. Check out our podcast on SPOTIFY for insights.

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