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3 Keys to Increasing Website Traffic

Updated: Mar 11

Having a website to describe your capabilities and solutions - and for potential clients to understand more about the problems you solve is great - but unless you take on other work - your website might be a place that no one knows about.

Before you start, set a level baseline. What we mean is to understand where you are now - so you can measure the performance after actions you take. Tuning to improvement only comes from measurement - and its something you'll want to report on and manage regularly.

There are many ways that you can increase visitor traffic to your website - but in this blog post we'll focus on three (3) ways that we've seen effective in nearly all cases. We'll outline each here and provide a basic summary.

  • Thoughtful Website Design, Format and Optimization

Your website must communicate your message about what you do and its value quickly at first glance. The site needs to be appealing, using visuals, 2nd level links to help simplify text, and bulleted points to highlight capabilities, concepts and solutions to problems. Using key words, headings, meta descriptions and properly describing/labeling pages on your site (Search Engine Optimization or SEO) help search engines index.

  • Available "Assets of Value" for Your Target Client

Your website needs to be a place where information is available and business can be conducted. Be valuable - be interesting. In many cases, this means that blog "thought pieces", case study and whitepaper available can ensure your target has assets of interest. Having change occur regularly on the website, helps with SEO and also continues to make your site a "destination" for your target client.

  • Leveraging External Websites and Social Media Pages

Having sites external to your website link back to your pages is a great way to increase optimization - but also add pathways for visitors to travel and find you. This is a reason that multiple social media platform company pages are recommended. Each create a way that a promotion, a capabilities post, or a "thought piece" can act as an incentive for a social view to generate a visit.

While there are many other methods - these 3 hold promise for getting you started in creating visitor traffic to your business website. Check out our podcast on SPOTIFY for insights.

Need the lowdown on these and other keys on increasing traffic, targeting your message and creating inbound inquiry? Let us get you on track and generating opportunity from your website. Website traffic is key. Reach out today for a consult.

LouMac Strategies llc

Website traffic is key

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