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2023 Focus - Social Media

Updated: Mar 11

Social media focus is key

It's a New Year, but some things haven't changed - leveraging social media is a critical marketing lever to your business success. Why? Because the traditional word of mouth and ad placement from the past - no longer gets the "eyes" it used to nowadays.


In order to bring traffic to your website or prospective buyers to your place of business, you need to focus on things they care about - and be where they can see your message. Decision makers are a part of a young mobile workforce and spend hours everyday on their devices. Social Media is a part of their life.


Buyer personas must be developed and you must target your audience with a message that resonates - with a call to action and sense of urgency. What does your best client look like, what do they care about, what pain do they experience and what happens when things go wrong? How are you different?


There are limits to attention span that you must take into consideration, as well as the formats of each social media platform. The number of visible characters, the way images are portrayed, and the scrolling habits of your audience. Sure, you can bait curiosity with a lengthy posts or message - but not in all interactions; others must be short, visible and pointed - to be seen at all.


Are you getting enough impressions and time for your message to stay in the feeds of your targets? What is the correct format for a post, the correct number per day or per week that will get you the visibility to be seen and heard? These questions have real numerical answers that exist based on the platform's own research.

Leveraging social media as a key part of your marketing plan can help you get the message to the masses, create awareness, and start engagement. The real question is - are you taking the steps to get started and succeed? Check out our podcast on SPOTIFY for insights.

Need help making the switch and leveraging your online presence? Let's talk. LouMac can build profile for you and manage posting and content to ensure you are in the mix.

LouMac Strategies llc


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